I’m Vivek, co-founder, HackerRank/Interviewstreet. You can follow me on twitter (@rvivek)

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  1. Hi Vivek,

    I was going through Fb , looking abt the careers page and came across the coding challenge, powered by Interviewstreet.Sadly , I am only at the basic level of coding, with c++,but I would love to learn more.
    I am going to learn from your website and see if it helps me!
    Also,your story is very inspiring!

  2. Hi Vivek,

    I had emailed you about 3 weeks back asking about VISA procedure in India for YCombinator. We have been working on an idea for the past 3 months and had applied for YC Winter 2013 Batch. Unfortunately, we weren’t called for the interview. We are really determined to pursue this idea and so would love to get some perspective from you regarding our project. So, Please let me know if you are free sometime towards the end of this month for a meeting. I hear that you work out of Silicon Valley. We would love to come by and visit you sometime. If this is not possible please do let me know if you are free for a Skype call sometime soon.


    Anand Satyan

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