We’ve done a bunch of mistakes while building the company but there are certain things that we did right which I’ll blindfoldly recommend every startup to do because it has clearly worked for us 100%. [1] Get a sincere office manager. At first it might seem like very little work for a full-time role. But an office manager position is like buying insurance. Only when the need arises, the true value is felt. If you’re running a company that has > 5 employees with 50+ customers, I bet you’ll feel the need at least twice or thrice a week. [2] … Continue reading Right


#2: Advice people didn’t tell me. What’s worse than a failed start is failing after/when you’ve got enough traction. On day-1 of your startup, nothing really matters other than getting the company off the ground. The entire focus is on how to build something that users want. If you persist long enough, somewhere on the way, you will encounter fame, money, etc. Don’t let that bother you, just keep going like how you were on day-1. It’s rarely a conscious trap [1]  and a lot of times the subconscious can make you think you’re smart. Now, you’ve to guard the … Continue reading Dumb

Employee happiness

#1: Advices people didn’t tell me I wanted to write a series of posts on my learnings in startups tagged as ‘notes’. So here’s the first one. Hope to write more. A major criteria or a deciding factor for employee happiness is the people he/she is working with. High pay, bonuses, equity, benefits, etc are all just fuel to the car. The people in it should be great to actually enjoy the ride. Your employee will stay if she enjoys working with the people around. Hiring takes time and should be a daily process. It’s okay to delay product deadlines … Continue reading Employee happiness