Founders DNA

The culture of a startup is  greatly determined by the founders. Most likely the DNA of the startup will be THAT striking attribute of the founders. Jack Dorsey is an extreme workaholic and it definitely wades into the culture of the Square. You’ve to be a real hard worker else it’s going to be tough to adjust. Zuckerberg was a hacker and that’s a core quality around which Facebook is being built. Larry & Sergey were PhD CS majors from Stanford. That’s why it’s super hard to get into Google if you don’t have a CS degree (and a top ranker) … Continue reading Founders DNA

What drives founders?

A vast majority of web entrepreneurs want to be millionnaires. It would be a lie and even economically bad if it wasn’t so. But, is money the driving force for the founders? I don’t think so. Early stage – when you start building the product. Making money from the startup is either a secondary motive or doesn’t exist at all. Work all night (&day), demo to users, iterate till you arrive at something people want. The trick is to reach this state before the founders get demoralized. Clearly the make-or-break factor is not money, it’s building something before dying out on morale. Pivoted … Continue reading What drives founders?