Q. When do you know if you’re really passionate about what you’re building? When you can go to the extent of even working for free for a company that’s already doing it. Sure, you can start off on your own, but the excitement of starting up with people you know will supersede the idea itself, especially for first time entrepreneurs. Work hard, sleepless nights, highs & lows, blah..blah.. have all been there but there is something different this time around – a chase to get to that point which I can see so clearly even at such a large distance. … Continue reading Chase

Deprivation and Pain

The title might sound sober but ironically these two are strongly tied to happiness and achieving goals at a later stage. I’m reading an amazing book on psychology of humans, love, etc. which also somewhat states the above. Here’s an interesting snippet from the book “A 30-year old financial analyst complained she’s procrastinating a lot despite the fact that she gets a good pay, perks, etc. Analyzing, there was no particular problem with the work environment/family, etc. On one particular meeting, the psychologist casually observed the way she eats a cake. She firsts eats the frosting and then the others. Digging further, … Continue reading Deprivation and Pain